making the link between science and management:
bringing innovation to your business

three meanings, three purposes


our DNA is brimming with innovation

adding value to management through research

föra is an innovative consultancy firm where research and management converge in order to add value and to transfer scientific advances to managers

a dynamic team helping you identify areas for improvement in your work tasks

Iñigo Lizarralde

PhD – cofounder
climate change and new markets

Paco Rodríguez

PhD – cofounder
LiDAR and forest products

Ángela Blázquez

master SIG – DI fellowship
remote sensing and forest resources

Rafa Alonso

PhD – TQ fellowship
big data and ecology

Beatriz Águeda

PhD – TQ fellowship
mushrooms, truffles and precision agroforestry

Javier Gorgoso

PhD – TQ fellowship
irregular stands and modelling

Fernando Pérez

PhD – TQ fellowship
development and optimisation

Saray Martín

master geomatics – DI fellowship
LiDAR and remote sensing


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% doctors in workforce

I want to use new management toolsI need to to know which training fits better my needsI am interested in being part of the föra team